Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Recap

Me and Ave had a great weekend together. Just me and Ave.... Emmy was in South Carolina with grandma and grandpa. More on that later with pics to prove it!!! Anyway, Friday, we went to a good friend of mine, also a hair client's house for a BBQ. I felt a little "eXy" because I didnt know any one but my friend and Avery felt the same way. We took awhile to warm up. It wasnt long before the anxiety subsided though. They have HORSES...Oh my!!! Avery was in seventh heaven when he saw them. He spent the whole time out feeding the horses dead leaves from the ground. There were 4 horses and they all congregated over to him and they even let him kiss them on their noses. Sweet horses. My friend says that two of them are pretty wild, you cant ride them, so it was very unusual that they would allow Avery to touch them let alone kiss them. They knew my Ave was special. We had a great time and I met some very nice people. Saturday night when I got home from work, because Avery was home, bored all day with dad, that I would take him to dinner and a movie. We went and had nachos and enchiladas and we saw Ice Age. It was pretty cute considering its the 3rd I think....He liked it. After the movie, he insisted on going to see the horses. I gave in and told him we could drive by but we were'nt getting out. So we sat on the side of the road and gazed in Awwww. He wants to take grandpa to see them. Sunday was just a quiet day at home. He played Wii all day. He loved having it all to himself while sissy was gone. About 8pm it was time to go get her from the airport. And boy did he miss her. They laughed, giggled and rough-housed the whole way home and into the night...I finally had to make them settle down and go to bed. Ahhhh, back to the routine today.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here's some words for ya...

Fudgenuts, Fiddlesticks, and Son of a Biscuit Eater.

HeHeHe!!!! Ive been laughing since I read this on FXSmom's blog!! Thanks FXSmom for making me laugh today!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


SO we went camping last weekend. It was fun. It was cold. Racoons invaded our camp. Averys favorite part was the FIRE. He was facinated with it. He always wanted to throw in "sticks" (firewood).

The kids fished and caught several little ones and just threw them back. Avery called them "minnows". "Mom, I caught 2 minnows". Emmy and her cousins had fun exploring, playing paper dolls, playing wild horses and dancing around on the tables. (in the campground next to us).

We also went down by the stream and they loved throwing rocks in and dipping their feet. We all came home with a rock collection. Avery has named his. "Eggy". Hmm. Ok.

We had some good times. Good food. Good people.