Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ave and Tori

Avery made a new friend!!!! Every once in a while he attaches himself to someone and its instant attraction. We took a recent trip to Disneyland with my cuz Stacey and her girls. Oh, did we have a time!! Avery took to Tori right away. All the girls were really cute with him. He was in seventh heaven. But somethin about Tori. They were constantly chattin in the back seat about kickin each others' butts and singing songs and giving kisses, It just went on and on. They rode the majority of rides together too at Disney. He's only met and been around Tori a couple times in his life. It was love at first sight. I was talking to Stace on the phone last night and Avery was in the bg saying "I wanna talk to Tori!!!" SO we put em on the phone and wow, it went on and on for a while. I could hear him saying, "Im gonna kick your butt Tori then you can kick my butt." Then he was talking about Woody and Handy Manny. Next think I know, he's heading for the bathroom with phone in hand. At that point I took the phone and told Tori, he was doing his business and had to get off the phone now...We were both laughing...Hes so funny. Here's a pic of them in the back seat being silly!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More of our nightly routine with Ave

Im sure you recall the pics of Ave and all his characters that get tucked in with him at night, well lately theres more to the ritual. Last night, I was so tickled with him I had to post this. I tuck him in for the night with his spidey/woody's and his Wall-e light on. I usually go right to bed and from his room he tells me he loves me and we blow kisses to each other from our rooms at least twice. At this time he gets out of bed and makes sure my door is open and is touching the wall. Well last night, after he checks the door he came over to my bed to kiss me goodnight some more. I had had the covers off of me cuz I was hot and he proceded to "tuck me in" by putting the covers on me and kissing me some more. Oh, I love him. He makes me laugh.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

FX Ramblings...

So Ive come across an amazing community/support website for familys affected by Fragile X and there's alot of moms with alot of funny stories on there not to mention very helpful advice and encouraging words. Most of them have blogs that I've been following lately and decided I need to be writing and sharing some of my FX moments.
This was the conversation of the hour:
Avery: call Parker's mom.
Me: I called her yesterday and she hasn't called me back yet.
Avery: call her again.
Me: maybe later.
Avery: no, now.
Me: Fine.
Me: She said it was ok for him to come over tomorrow and play at 1:00.
Avery: OK
Avery: I will go and wait for him on the porch.
Me: He's not coming over until tomorrow.
Avery: Oh, Ok
Avery: Call his mom again and ask her to bring him at 4:00 today.
Me: No, he's coming tomorrow.
Avery: Not tomorrow, today.
Me: Tomorrow Avery.
Avery: Not tomorrow, today.
Me: He will come tomorrow and you can ride your bikes.
Avery: Ok
Avery: Can I go to Parkers house.
Me: No Avery, hes coming tomorrow.
Avery: Not tomorrow, today.
Me: Avery, lets watch SpongeBob.

I left the room.

I must have 20 or more conversations like this a day. He very rarely gets upset to the point of a tantrum, its just the repetitiveness that is tiring.