Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dancing Queens...

Sorry, I have Dancing Queen/ABBA on the brain. Just saw Mama Mia. Anyway, these girls are truly talented. Emily and her cousins got the opportunity to go to a Drill Team/Dance Camp at Riverton High School. It was two nights of practicing and then they got to perform their routines the third night at half time in a JV football game. They were soooo cute. I was amazed at how well Emily did. She hasn't shown to much interest in dance or anything for that matter, and she was a little leary at first to try this but I had already signed her up, it was too late. But I think she was really glad she did it. And boy was I proud mama watching my baby out there on the field shakin' her booty. It brought tears to my eyes actually. I hope I can get her to take a regular dance/hip-hop class now that she knows what its all about. She really did have a great time. Here's some pics of her and her cousins and one of her, Jared, and Ave!

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