Friday, May 15, 2009

A trip to the E.R. and one sad boy....

Well, when Avery got home from school yesterday, apparently he wasn't feeling well. I had gone to the gym and when I had returned, he had been throwing up. As time went on, it got worse, more projectile and diarhea as well....Great. I have never seen so much "stuff" come out of one person. At 11:30 pm, after trying everything I could think of to give him some releif, I decided to call our dr. on call. He said it sounded like he might be getting dehyrated and it wouldnt hurt to take him in. Soooo, off we go. Grandpa was great to come and stay with Emmy. Jared was at work. All I kept thinking was "swine flu". He was extremely anxious which made things worse and he was exausted (me too) at that point. After sitting in the E.R. until 2:30 am we finally got some releif. He was given a disolvable pill that would stop the nausea and from their we were debating an IV but he was able to keep some liquids down so we got to go home. We still dont know if it was something he ate or if it was a virus. At least it wasnt swine flu.

The worst part is that he is going to miss his Sports Day today. It like a little "special olympics" for his school district and he was looking so foward to it.
Oh, well. Whattya do? Cant have diarhea while running a race. He's disappointed.

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