Saturday, June 27, 2009

He does'nt know how....

Ave: Who's gonna tend us today?
Me: Well, I'll be home until 3:00 then I have to go to work. Daddy will be home at 5:00. You and sissy will be by yourselves for a little while.
Ave: When will you be home?
Me: You will be in bed when I get home.
Ave: I'll be sleeping?
Me: Yes
Ave: Well, who's gonna make dinner?
Me: Daddy will take care of it
Ave: He does'nt know how to make dinner.
Me: He what???
Ave: He does'nt know how mom. I'll just have RabbaDabbies. (canned ravioli)


Rachael said...

Love it! I finally came to check out your blog. Love it. You are too cute. And I am glad that you gave the horses a good try, it is worth it.

Anonymous said...

sounds like my kids...they think my hubby is incapable but he is more capable than I am. I think it is just that fragile x/don't like change/have to have routine thing.