Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sensory Overload mixed with hunger...Not good.

So we went to my niece Holly's school program last night. I of course wanted to see her get up on stage and receive her awards but I also had other motives. Emily is going to that school next year, which is a Chrisian private school and I wanted her to see what went on and possibly meet some people so she has an idea of what she's getting into. To the average person, it was a great program. They had awards, slide shows, music...very touching and emotional for the parents. Emily enjoyed herself for the most part and sat really well through the 1 1/2 hr program. Avery on the other hand, not so good. Its usually the opposite. Not this time. As soon as the music started, he started to melt down. First, holding his ears, then whining and saying he wanted to go home over and over and OVER....He has had a cold and wasnt feeling well which leads to not eating his dinner very well because he coughs, gags, then pukes...fun. So by this time of night, he was probably hungry. Your wondering why I even went to the dang program...ya, me too at this point. Anyway, just had to get through it. I guess I should have left the room because we were getting "looks" from others but no, I didnt. I just kept torturing myself, Avery, and the others around us. Again, why was I there??? Oh ya, Holly and Emily. I didnt want to miss Holly's awards. By the time it was over, he had a bright red face, snot running down his face and was royally pissed off at me and was hitting me. I took him out at that point to get a drink. Did I mention the air conditioning wasnt on and we were all sweating like stuffed pigs??? Ya. I was ready to just go home. Afterwords,everyone wanted to go to Sizzler to eat and I had planned on declining because, well, the hell we just went through, but no. Avery insisted on going to get something to eat...I guess I couldnt blame him. We went, he ate, and he was a totally differnt boy. Ahhhh. Thats the Avery I know. Have I learned my lesson. Yes. For now, I guess.

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