Friday, June 12, 2009

Horseback Riding

After much anticipation and excitement, we finally started Theraputic Horsback Riding. Ive heard how beneficial this is for kids with disabilities. We found a place, not so close by, but I was willing to drive due to the great reputation this place has. Our intake appointment went great. L. was so great with the kids and they even got to get on horses that day. Ave seemed a bit nervous to get on and off the horse and was doing the choke-hold around L's neck but she didnt seem to mind. She was great. I knew this would be the place. So we go back last Thurs. for our first official class. Umm, didnt go as well. Emmy did great. She really has a knack for this. She had confidence, poise, and balance like she'd been doing this for years. Ave, on the other hand did not. He was so fearful that it resulted in a few disasters. M. is the teacher, not L. which was a concern for the beginning. She has more of a gruff personality and was quite forceful with him. He flat out wasnt going to do the task at hand and began slapping the helpers. One of them ended up with nice shiner on her eye. Sorry again T. Goll, I really felt bad. Ive never seen him act that violently. He's really an easy going boy. He just acted out of extreme fear. When we left, both Ave and I were in tears. What was I going to do? I had paid all that money up front and Emmy was on cloud 9. What was I going to do? Just then, I received a phone call from L. She just called to get our schedule finalized but as soon as I heard her voice, I broke down. I told her what had happened and that I didnt think he would want to come back. She encouraged me and said she would help next time and speak to M. about doing things differently with Ave so he can begin to trust her. I felt better. So yesterday was our next class. L. was no where to be found. I began to get nervous. Finally, I took it upon myself to talk to M. I explained that he was reacting out of fear and that he needs to trust you before he is expected to do "scary things". She was more that receptive and very nice. I told her that I had told him that he didnt have to do anything he didnt want to do, so please dont force him. She agreed and the class went wonderfully! He actually really had a great time and did things that I never thought he would, at least THAT day. I feel better now. I want him to succeed, there just needs to be a different approach. Emmy, now shes ready to move to the next class already. She's having a ball. I got a few pics to share.

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Anonymous said...

Matty did then when he was in elementary school and loved it!! I thought there was no way. The helmet alone would send him into hysterics. But he did it! It's awesome what fxs kids will do with the right motivation.