Monday, July 27, 2009


So I've been having alot of weird dreams lately. I watched Good Things Utah one morning last week and they were talking about an article online that is a dream analyzer. It got me thinking. What do my dreams mean????? I'll have to look it up and post back but my dreams latley have been somewhat disturbing. And yes, Ive had some stressful days this last month or so. So it all makes sense somehow. The dream I had this early morning is still fresh on my mind so Im going to hurry and write it down. I was at work cutting a client's hair that I do every 4 wks. I'll just say her name is M. She proceeded to tell me that because her husband works out of town alot, she decided that she wanted to "date" me. Hmmm. For some reason, in my dream, I agreed. But I was very embarrased and I didnt want anyone to know. And I go down to the desk to reschedule her next apt and so she can pay and for some reason, shes nowhere to be found on my schedule or in the computer for that matter. People were crowding me and pushing in front of me to get to the computer (another co-worker) and I finally just snapped at her and walked away from the desk. When I looked up, my client was gone. She had left without paying. Oh, no. Then I go back to do a pedicure and all the instruments have wax on them. I cant use any of them and my other client is waiting. They are doing something to floors in the hair salon area and they wouldnt let me walk on them. I had to get back there to the back room. Ugggg. I was horrified.
Then I woke up. Ahh, thank God it was a dream. Next time I see M. though, oh dear. All I will be thinking of is that we were "dating".

The dream I had a couple nights ago was I was going through a haunted house with some kind of maze in it cuz I kept getting lost and I had all these Creepies following me. Next thing I know, theres my dad with my kids and he had my nephew Gavin. He hands the baby over to me and proceeds to walk through, leaving me. I try to follow them and I end up losing them. Im walking through 3ft of water at one point trying to keep the baby up out of water. I come to a section of 4 rooms connected and I cant find a way out. I guess I set the baby down while I was trying to plan a way out. Next thing I know, the baby is gone. I can hear him crying and Im calling his name. (As if he could answer me or come find me...its a dream). I never did find him and the next thing I remember is waking up. Another big sigh of was just a dream.

I wonder what these dreams mean...I'll research and post back later.

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