Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Recap of summer so far..

Things have been hectic as it is every year in July. First of all, the kids have been keeping very busy, unlike summers of the past where we have severe cases of bordom. They have been doing so well at the theraputic horseback riding. Im so proud of them. They go once a week. Then on Wed.'s they go to Kids Club at the Rec center and go swimming and play games. They love it. We have been trying to go to the library once a week which is has a calming affect on us all...ahhh... Ive been trying to do some bible/prayer time with them a few times a week that has been really good for all of us, seens how its a fight to get them to church every week. Avery has anxiety and sensory overload there. Its the loud music and too big of crowd for his liking. Emmy's just being rebellious but she has really responded to her and I doing it one on one. We have been bonding. Its been good. July is full of birthdays, birthdays, and birthdays. Mom's, Dad's, and Ave's. Its been fun. For moms, us girls went and got pedicures together and then went to dinner.(w/out men and kids!) Tonight we're celebrating Dads at Nats house for a BBQ. Then the big boy will be "9"!!! WOOT WOOT. Hes sooo excited. We're having two parties. A family one on his actual b-day and then a friend one this Saturday. Oh the FESTIVITIES!!! I will post pics of the big day.
Looking ahead, we have a Milne family reunion and a camping trip planned. We also will try an make a trip to Lagoon before school starts. SO much to do, so little time.

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